An Interrupted Night and An Easy Saturday

Had sortof a long week at work. Decided to catch a movie before painting time last night. Watched the Ruins. So-so at best in my book. Laughable in places. The director made some odd decisions about when to go ultra-gory and when to leave it up to the imagination. I can deal w/ gore, but the true test of a director is knowing when to let the audience’s imagination run away with them. Like the torture scene in Resevoir Dogs. You don’t see Mr Blonde cut the ear off. You hear plenty tho. Makes it worse and that’s when it becomes truly effective. I’ll give the director credit for one near the end. Frankly tho I was so numb to it by that point I think the effect was lost a bit.

Anyway.. Just as I start getting a good groove going I’m interrupted. Long story short I wind up falling asleep while having to deal said interruption and losing a night’s work. Important to me to say the least. Haven’t been letting it bother me today, but at the time I was less than pleased, shall we say. I’m not counting on any social events tonight so I’m sure I’ll make up for it. Don’t let the little things get the better of you, eh?
So as a result of that I don’t have much in the way of progress to show on the latest piece. I was asked the other day if I did any other type of work. The answer is, Yes. I’ve got some posted on my site via an unpublished link.
I’ll let you see it tho:
Some of this work IS posted on some online forums like
I’ve also got it posted in a gallery on my FaceBook page.
Here’s one for you in the meantime

The figure is based on the body of Christ from one of the unfinished Pietas. Kindof has a comic book flair. I was reading a lot of HellBlazer back then. Great cover art. I suggest you check it out.

Hopefully I’ll have some progress to report tomorrow.



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