4 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Great work!


  2. Hello Robert,

    This is message from Igor. Thank you very much for speaking with me this Friday. Your pictures are so wonderful. My favorite is Wind Power.

    Your opinion as a great professional is very important to me. Please see some of my art that available on the net.

    Thank you again.




    • Hey Igor,
      It was good speaking with you. Thank you so much for visiting my gallery. I enjoyed your work as well and look forward to seeing more from you. I hope to speak with you again soon!


  3. I wanted to know if you had created additional copies or would be willing to create another copy of “Des Moines Lights on Court Avenue?” Please email me at

    If not, a potential commission of the view from the high point of MacCrae Lark looking toward downtown Des Moines


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