A Boy and His Dog

All this Covid business is killing my comminication skills. I’ve been working, but mostly on pet projects… literally and figuratively.

I’ve spent my time recently making art for friends and for myself. I haven’t been doing a ton, but it’s enough to keep my itch to create scratched (mostly).

This little beauty was a gift for one of my oldest friends. We met in 1976. Kindergarten. We’ve been friends more or less every since. I visited him a couple of years ago and got some phenomenal shots of coastal Maine. In thanks for he and his wife’s hospitality I thought it might be a nice gesture to paint a shot I got of him and his dog, Scout, playing on the beach. It’s his happy place and it was a beautiful day. Definitley a moment worth commemorating.

So here’s “A Boy and his Dog”

Oil on panel

12″x 24″

I’m working on another “pet” project for another friend, but that one’s gotta stay secret for a little while longer. 😉



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