Parties and Double-Edged Swords

I want to start by saying that overall I had a pretty great weekend. I wound up being able to go out with friends for a joint birthday celebration Friday (I turn 38 on the 15th). I initially thought I wasn’t going to be able to attend and then here come my folks out of the blue and offer to watch the kids. Thanks, Guys! A good time was had by all… or most at least.
Got to spend some quality time with some excellent characters and good friends. I could go on and on…
I also was reminded of a song I’d totally forgotten about, “Night Swimming” by REM. Great tune and now I’ll never forget it. Long story. Nice to pick up those little tidbits and have them get a fresh association. Even if they are a little bittersweet.
I talked painting with a number of people this weekend. I’ve had several people approach me about commissions. I enjoy taking commissioned work, but it’s a double-edges sword. There is so much more obligation involved when you’re producing something specific for someone. Artists approach the topic of commissions differently. Personally I like to get a good, solid agreement on the concept. Once that happens I ask for 30% up front as a retainer and to recover costs. This is typically non-refundable in my book. Depending upon the individual circumstance I may ask for the rest upon delivery or installments with the balance due upon delivery.
There were a lot of ideas and questions floating around this weekend. We’ll see how many actually come home to roost. Going to try to nail a few down this week. Get some cash flowing and some new materials in-house.
Excited for the prospect of new work and deadlines. Few things motivate like cash and deadlines.
I’m hoping this week that I can start to rekindle my spark of creativity and my lust for life. The events of the past few weeks have taken their toll. I’m going to take it back with interest.


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