Progress on Several Fronts

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m not saying that trying to dig up some extra presents or even wishes. Although I joke about my age it really doesn‘t matter to me. Most of the time I feel as fit and energetic as I did ten years ago. But it WAS a birthday which is always a reminder of the passage of time. 1970 seems so long ago… It wasn’t an easy day. At least not at the start. I think birthdays can be difficult for people because they are reminded that the clock is ticking. Maybe they think about what they haven’t accomplished. Worry that they’re going to be alone. We dwell on past mistakes and missed opportunities. Honestly I did all of the above. Thankfully I had some amazing friends there beside me to remind me of all the good things that have happened. Things I (and We) have done. It’s a reminder that, as my friend Jeff said, “none of us is an island”. We all need a lift OR a swift kick in the head from a good friend every now and again. Most importantly I was able to “be there” for a friend. Few things can make you feel better than being able to be there for someone else.

So having had my faith in humanity and myself somewhat restored I got to work last night with a sense of privilege and hope. I got some more work done on both of my paintings in progress. On the smaller piece (pictured here) I’m refining. Fixing colors and forms. Pushing and Pulling the light and dark elements to achieve a balance. To create contrast. Plus I need to work on my lines. They’re all over the place. On the larger one (pictured in yesterday’s post) I’m still laying out the larger areas of color. A lot of which will wind up as underpainting to be covered with areas and layers of other colors to create variation and depth (look at the techniques of someone like Dali for a real lesson in layering) . I’m finding the relationships between the forms. Trying to set them on the teeter-totter of composition so they balance in a way that draws the viewer into the picture.
Ok… The workday calls


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  1. ching Avatar

    hi Rob, happy birthday! .. yeah.. birthday is always a good reminder of our passage of life. I am from the far ..1971… 🙂 ..hmm.. :)regards,ching

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