A Quick One Before Bed

It’s been a pretty good weekend. Spent Friday night out listening to some excellent music. I was alone so I probably looked a little odd to some, but some nights you just want to check the scene and listen to the tunes. I’m a people-watcher too so that helps. That’s a better show some nights than what’s up on stage. I don’t mind doing things by myself. I love going to movies, galleries, and the like that way. Gives me a chance to really take it in without having someone else to consider.
Got some good painting time in last night and tonight. I’m just going to post a couple of updates and notes before I go crash. Why can’t we ever just rest on the weekends?
In tonight’s updates you may not notice any huge differences. I’m spending my time getting the shapes right while adding successive layers of color. Last night I made a few more decisions about the person, but she’s still pretty fuzzy and something doesn’t feel right about her. I added some details to the window towards the front. Nothing major yet. The large sign on the top needs work, but I’ll get to it. Still not sure what to do about the lower, left corner. I kindof like it, but it doesn’t fit with the piece. Hmm..
Tonight I spent some time redefining one of the white signs correcting its shape and trying to make it look like more than a blob of white. I added some details to the shop window and spent a lot of time refining the girl. I spent a little time working on some perspective issues that have been bugging me, and added more of the dark to further deepen it. After this gets varnished it’s going to gain some nice depth there. I think it’s coming along nicely and I shouldn’t have any problems having it done for the Crossroads Conference coming up December 3rd and 4th (Click the link for details). Should be a good time. I’m thinking 2 more sessions should get it.

Looking for good things this week. Perhaps I should say, “Finding” instead of looking?
Off to bed.



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  1. ching Avatar

    Crossroads Conference looks really interesting. Sure you will have a great time there. Wish that I could be there. 🙂

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