Keeping Up the Momentum

Getting back to it after a couple days away and I’m glad I did. It was nice to take a few extra days away from the studio this last week, but momentum is important to me. Too many times in the past I’ve let it slip only to find myself wondering where the time went and what I spent it on. Not to mention I tend to get surly when I don’t paint.

So now it’s one to the next one. I posted some pics a while back from a trip to visit friends in Galena, IL. I started the painting a few weeks ago, but have left it largely untouched in my efforts to get work done for the show at the Heritage Gallery and the CrossRoads Conference coming up this Wednesday and Thursday. I feel like I’m getting a good grasp of this image and have every confidence It’ll be done within the next 10 days. I spent tonight redifining some of the shapes and laying down some more colors. I still need to correct the overall shape of the stiped awning and spend some time on the right-hand figure. Looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Sleep now…



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