Quite a Week

Wow, this week’s been a bit of a whirlwind so I haven’t been painting much. It bothers me a bit, but on the other hand I’ve been using the time to promote my work and do a little reflection. Plus work’s been a bear. My coworkers and I have spent the last week doing assett inventory for my employer, Aviva. That means we’ve been working with a team of contractors to pretty much count everything remotely electronic. With three buildings in Des Moines and four remote locations it’s a pretty big undertaking. I’m proud to say that we’ve been moving along ahead of schedule although it’s been exhausting. Mostly I’ve just wanted to come home, spend time with my boys, relax a little and go to bed. There IS a little bonus that comes with this project tho. I’ve been assigned to go to our New York office to do the inventory there. The office is on Long Island, but I’m hoping to get into Manhattan for at least one night. Christmas time in NYC is practically mythical in my book and I’m geared up to take pics til my camera explodes. Can’t wait for that part.
Day-Job aside the rest of the week’s been very entertaining. The Crossroads Conference happened Thursday night and I have to say that it was a blast. Lots of good music, art, food and drink. The New Belgium Brewery was one of our sponsors. I LOVE their 1554 Enlightened Black Ale. Nectar of the Gods… Last night ArtDive had an open house and the Fitch Studios & the Fitch Gallery had their open artists’ studio night. Both were very well attended. I got to spend some time with some amazing artists and regular people as well (smirk). I spent the earlier part of the evening discussing art with visitors and potential customers. I tend to be a bit of a solitary observer, but for some reason I felt like I was in my element this week and chatted up a storm. I have to admit… it felt good.
That brings up a discussion I had last night with a new friend of mine. He teaches Art and had some interesting insights not only into my work, but into this blog. I tend to break the blog up into “What’s going on in my life” and “Here’s what I’m working on”. I never really considered it, but it sort of insulates my personal life from my work. Perhaps it’s my tendency to be a voyeur that led to it. I’m not 100% sure, but it’s given me something to think about. I feel like perhaps I need to include myself more into my work, or at least in my discussion. Not just talking about what I’m doing, but why.
I’ll give it a try. Hell, I’ll try anything once. Well, almost anything….

Hope to have some more updates and maybe even some insights before the weekend’s up. We’ll see.



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