NYC Rain Update

This morning’s a little hectic as was last night. Suffice it to say that it was a good weekend. Lots of painting Friday, an afternoon/evening of taking pics Saturday. Plus I had the pleasure of attending a reception for a good friend, Michelle Holley at SMASH. Very cool Art. Very cool clothes. A good time was had by all. Follow that up with a great night out on the town. Food, drinks, darts, good company. Loads of fun. Sunday was a day for cleaning, cooking, and designing. Add to that I sold a painting to a friend. It’s always nice to know when one of your babies is going to a good home.

Not much philosophizing today… I made some pretty big adjustments to the latest painting. I’m trying to unify the sky and sidewalk while keeping a loose feeling in the brushwork. Hoping to get back to it tonight. We’ll see if the Universe goes along with me.

(…insert 12hr break here…)

I did get a nice surprise today. I received a call that one of my pieces had been accepted into the City of Des Moines Hi Performance Report. Every year they hold a contest and the winners are represented in the printed report. I was hoping for the cover, but got one of the interior sections. I will never complain about getting free publicity… or prize money. Looks like I can finally get a new MP3 player. My iPod’s battery is kaput.



~ by Robert L Reeves on February 9, 2009.

One Response to “NYC Rain Update”

  1. Yay you for getting into the report! :)K


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