Taking a Moment

The kids are in bed. I’m NOT doing any laundry tonight. Just wanted to take a moment to do a few things for myself: catch up on emails, return a few calls, and practice guitar. I’m just learning how to play and this time I’m going to stick with it… I swear. The nice thing about it this go ’round is that there’s the miracle of the internet. Last time I tried was before my first home PC. Now if there’s a song I want to try I just Google the tab and go. I think that’s going to be a big help. Being able to apply what I’m learning and see progress gives me a purpose. It gives me a point of focus. I’m not outwardly such a goal-oriented person, but having them does help. Plus it’s on my Bucket List. Ain’t gettin’ any younger.

Speaking of that there’s this DSM Art Festival project I’ve been working on. Because of the nature of my contract I have to submit images for the approval process weekly. That means I’ve got to be able to come up with quick studies that not only explore the composition, but the color and treatment of the medium as well. It’s giving me a chance to pull out the charcoal and pastels. Oil pastels too. They’re great for the quick study. The only downside that I can see is that now everything in my studio is covered in a fine layer of chalk dust… as well as the inside of my head. Have you ever blown your nose and had it come out Magenta? Talk about a nasty shock. Ah, the joys of creating.

But I digress… you know this.

The connection I was making is that this project is giving me focus, but there’s another side to it. I feel a little like I’m floundering in it. There’s some difficulty in coming up with an image that people will immediately relate to as “Des Moines” while keeping certain contraints in mind. I’ve been feeling a little stuck trying to come up with just the right shot. You think you’ve got the one only to hear that it won’t do for one reason or another. So you do it again. Simple. Coming up with and iconic image is a tall order though and everyone’s got their opinions. So the best thing to do at this time in my opinion is to forget the subtext of the project and just work.
So there you go.



ps: If you’re in Des Moines this weekend make sure to check out the opening of the Instinct Gallery Saturday night. Good stuff. A definite must-see.

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