A few New Pics…

Not a ton of time to philosophize today, but I wrote a couple of posts back about my bestest and oldest friends, Michael and Joshi came to visit me in the studio. Michael posted these in-studio pics on his FaceBook page and I really enjoyed them so I had to share.

These are in no particular order, but you may notice in some of the shots some of the dark red under-painting I used. I think that red added a real dimension to the layers of color that went over it. Even in the finished piece it peeks out here and there. I wanted it to add vibrancy.

As always, Dancing is not only allowed in the studio… it’s encouraged.
Here is my friend, Joshi showing us the finer points of The Skank.

Gotta Run!



4 responses to “A few New Pics…”

  1. ching Avatar

    Hi Rob, Haha.. it is fun! lucky you to have a friend dancing entertaining you while you are painting 🙂 thanks for sharing … cheers! ~ching

  2. JafaBrit's Art Avatar

    HUm, does he have a license to dance in your studio 😉 hah, I ain’t jealous, really I ain’t! honest, okay I am, my studio isn’t big enough to swing a cat, let alone have people dancing it it.thanks for dropping by my blog. I had fun exploring your website gallery, lovely work.

  3. Joshie Avatar

    ahem…It’s the Skank shuffle.

  4. Fantastic Figments Avatar

    very nice i don’t know what i love more the city painting in this post, your studio or your buddy dancing…. it doesn’t matter it is all wonderful! fantastic art thanks for sharing!smooches,steph

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