Aaaaaand, We’re Off… This time for sure

Ok, that’s the last time with the whole, “aaaaaaaaaaaaaand” thing. It’s just that after the series of minor setbacks I ran into I thought I should start over.

I posted last time that I’d gotten the stretcher made up, but didn’t have the canvas. Well, I got the canvas and got it home. All ready to go, right? I prep the work area (read as “the floor”), get my materials together: stretcher, canvas, canvas pliers, staple gun, and stap…. awww, Hell! I was out of T2025 3/8″ staples. I had a nice, new-looking empty box tho. Hrmm…. Needless to say I spent that evening working on the other new piece I posted last time.

Catching up… the canvas has been stretched and I’ve applied a couple of coats of primer. I didn’t sand between coats. I like the canvas to have a lot of tooth to it. These are expressionist landscapes. Not portraits. I started in with a big, flat-headed carpenter’s pencil. I like them for general use, but especially for my preliminary drawing on my canvases. The wide graphite holds up well and allows me some variety in my line work. Plus when you start laying on the paint the graphite doesn’t smudge and screw up the lighter-colored underpainting layers.

I imagine I’ll start painting tonight. I’ve got it all in my head. The Art Center folks agreed on the photographic image and initial charcoal sketch. They’ve asked that I lighten up the background from the original pic. While they like the lighting they’re looking for a lighter composition. I’m thinking I’ll need to make an early stop to catch some pics of that great morning light. I think that would be perfect for the piece now that we know what we’re doing.

Gotta run. Lots to do this weekend. Firstly tho I’ve got a reception at ArtDive tonight at 5:00 (1417 Walnut in downtown Des Moines). Drop by if you want to see some great art by some great local artists (Brent Houzenga, Ron Wagner, Becka Ash, Christine Mullane)… and have some drinks and foods. Who can say No to free drinks and foods?



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