Last night was one of those nights where everything seemed OK, but I just couldn’t get into the proper frame of mind. I have a number of projects on my plate at the moment. I’ve got a new commissioned piece, some varnishing for a customer, and three new paintings in-progress. Maybe I’m thinking about all of them too much. Letting myself feel overwhelmed. A little can go a long way when you’re juggling a day-job, two kids, and a nocturnal career. Not to mention my housing situation. Long story there… I’ll spare you.

Some nights though you have to put it all down and direct your energies to the more mundane tasks that studio work can provide like cleaning brushes, re-setting the palette, sweeping. AND in my case spider relocation. I don’t mind them in my studio (they, along with my cat, eat some of the more irritating basement-dwelling pests), but they’ve got to stay off my work areas.
I caught up on the varnishing and then got to work on the rest. There’s a very sick part of me that actually enjoys the act of cleaning. I like the feeling of clearing the dust and cobwebs… of cleaning the gunk out of my brushes. I especially enjoy sweeping. I find it very therapeutic. Granted if you were to visit my studio on your first glance you’d have no idea that I ever cleaned it at all the way things get piled up.

I have a system… it works for me.

In a rare display of restraint I’ll refrain from babbling on too much longer and get to the pics. These are shots of one of the new pieces I’ve been working on plus a couple from the commissioned painting I’ve recently started (in pencil).

Until next time…



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