Checking In

Because I can be a little slow on the uptake it dawned on me that it’d been over a week since I posted last. I’m relatively sure that life as we know it will continue on should I be a little remiss in my writing, but from the standpoint of someone who’s trying to maintain some semblance of personal discipline it means I’m slackin’.

I have been keeping up on my painting at least. I’m working on this commissioned portrait of Des Moines with a primary focus on the state capital building. It’s coming along nicely. I’m working on making it go with another piece of mine they purchased without making it look like they’re necessarily a matched pair. In short both pieces should stand equally well on their own. I’ve been spending time trying to match hues to a certain extent. The balance of the composition had to be complimentary without being a mirror image. The perspectives and scales similar, but not identical. It’s involved a lot of shifting things around. There will be more. I need to keep it loose to match the other stylistically so I’m setting a due date. I think two weeks from today is more than fair. I’m hoping to have it finished before then.

Now for something completely different:

1) Got a great phonecall last week. A gentleman called me asking about purchasing two of the paintings hanging at B&N. Got the pieces back from the scanner today and will deliver them this weekend. Yay!

2) Aforementioned “scanner” informed me today that not only can they do giclee prints (that’s ok because Chrissy over at ArtDive does those for me), but they do canvas prints as well. I’ve had some inquiries about those recently and it’s tres cool to find someone here in town that can do them. I’ve seen some sample prints and they look fantastic. That simplifies things quite a bit and reduces my costs which allows me to take the price down. Christmas IS just around the corner ya know.
Just aaaaah-throwin’ that out there.

Until next time (less than a week from now)



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