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He blogs two days in a row?? A rarity for me these days, I know. The reason for this special event?? It’s because I’m very proud to make the official announcement that I’ve been added on at The Mark Fine Art Gallery & Studio in Stuart, Florida as a gallery Artist! Check out their site and see some of the amazing artists with whom I’ll have the distinct pleasure of exhibiting. I can’t wait to get things going with them. I’m hoping one day soon I’ll be able to buzz down there for an in-person visit.

The really amazing thing about this for me is that the initial contact was done entirely via Twitter. When I first created my @RobReevesStudio Twitter identity I immediately started searching to see artists and galleries. I was surprised by the number of Art galleries around the world that had already adopted “tweeting” as part of their daily commerce and I was determined to make the most of it. Within 15 minutes of signing up and posting some links to my work I was contacted by @flysupes, co-owner of @eastvillagebooks (sadly no longer with us). Within a day I’d managed to get a show with them. Since that time I’ve gotten in touch with a number of artists and galleries, and made a few sales. The most recent of which was the sale of a t-shirt I created for @LVGreenfield on the Artist-community site, Redbubble. I don’t know if this is common, but I’d say the few minutes it took me to sign up was well worth it.

I know I’ve posted about Twitter before, and for those of you who would say Twitter is silly and full of random blab… well, you’re right. But then again so’s TV and you don’t see any shortage of people lining up to advertise themselves and their products on it. I choose to use it as a tool for marketing my work and for spouting random brain droppings… which I like to call “wisdom”. As with anything, your mileage may vary.

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  1. Cat Rocketship Avatar

    Twitter is great for artists. I do a lot of commissions because of contacts I've made through Twitter, and have been contacted to participate in projects and submit work to sites like Yay!

  2. carmackart Avatar

    Congratulations Rob. I've yet to tweet myself. hmmm….

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