New Studies of Old Pics

Here are a couple quick shots of some oil pastel studies I did this week.

I enjoy banging things out in small-form like this. Oil pastels have great immediacy and can be smeared around or scraped away much in the same way oil paint can… only it’s more finger-friendly.

I was picking through source photos last night after having rediscovered a drawer full of photo prints. I thought I’d lost most of them and it was kind of like Christmas. Mostly I was looking for figures that I’d managed to capture, but I stumbled on this shot of an old electrical plant and wanted to play around with it as well.

I’ve got some new ideas I’m kicking around that play towards my change in direction. I know these might not look that much different from what I’ve been doing, but remember… this is just a quick study to get the feel of the image… gimme a break. You’ll see what I mean eventually.



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