Access… It’s an all-encompassing word, but it helps to describe one of the bigger benefits of moving into a studio space.  I have access to all sorts of things and people I didn’t have while working from my basement.  I’ve been able to connect with people from a number of other artistic disciplines: Photography, Architecture, Music, etc.  It’s been an enriching experience thus far.

It’s that level of access that has allowed me to do a bit of growing lately.  I’ve now got access to other points of view.  Other impressions of the work I’m doing.  Other people’s work.  It’s hard to get a decent critique working from the bowels of your own home.  Sure you can post items online, but most of the commentary you get is overwhelmingly positive with little or no critical observation.  The remainder is overwhelmingly negative with little or no supporting discussion and the ubiquitous anonymity the Internet provides.
For the record: I have zero problem with negative criticism so long as there is an intelligent, well-thought discussion that accompanies it.  I’m looking to get better at what I do.  Not just hear how talented (or talentless) someone might think I am
BTW: Thanks, Mom!

One of the other great things about being in a shared studio environment has been having not only the space to bring in a model, but easy access to people who are willing to model.  If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I’ve been spending more time focusing on the human form.  Easy enough if the subject is male.  I can always look in the mirror if no one else is willing.  It’s a different story if the subject is female.  I don’t always set out to do figurative work, but some nights the opportunity just presents itself.  When that happens you go with it. The result of which has been a lot of development in my figure drawing abilities and my ability to stage scenes the way I want.  I always equate creating Art to problem solving.  Having models in easy supply is a big problem solved especially since I’m starting to envision works featuring a larger number of figures.

Got some good figure sketches from one of last week’s figure drawing sessions.  I had a photographer in along with the model to take some pics at angles from which I just couldn’t work. I’m looking forward to seeing those.  Hopefully tonight.  When things have gotten a little farther along I’ll share.



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