It Is Finished

It took nearly 8 months, but I’ve finally managed to finish the 6 large-sized paintings I’ve been working on for Aviva here in Des Moines.  I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment and can’t wait to see them paired with their sister pieces being created by Andrea Myklebust and Stanton Sears.  The entire installation will be nearly 50ft across and will include 12 pieces in total.

In truth there’s just a leeeetle more tweaking I’d like to do on a couple of them, but I’m calling it good “for the most part”.  I’m trying to get them out of the studio before I do something rash.  You can only look at finished work for so long before you start to find more fault than I already have.  Just looking at these photos makes me itch to go downstairs and start picking…

I’ve got a truckload of work that’s been coming in during my tenure working on these pieces and some that’s dropped into my lap since.  I’m not complaining because it keeps me busy and is giving me the opportunity to try some new ideas.  Also being really really busy keeps me from getting too caught up with little things and from dwelling too much on some other things.  Idle hands and all that… So I’m happy for the work and as always grateful for the opportunity to be doing something I love.  
Here’s to keeping up the momentum.



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  1. Misfits Vintage Avatar

    I'll drink to momentum. These paintings are frickin magical. I especially love the fourth from the left. I'd like to walk down that street. Congrats. They are really amazing.Sarah xxx

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