The Election was So Last Week.

So that’s pretty much where we’re at.  The election’s come and gone.  Everyone that thought God was on their side is either vindicated or rationalizing.  That’s the way it goes I guess.  When I cast my vote I raised my hands in the air and said, “Vive la Resistance”, just loudly enough for the room to hear.  At 7am it garnered a few slow and self-conscious giggles.  I imagine that most people in the room had their own thoughts as to which candidate I voted for.  Odds are they were wrong, but if it gave them a moment’s pause or at least a laugh I’ll call it good.

So we move on with our lives just like we did in the days before and will continue to do in the days after.  For you and me that means we’re back to work whether you’re one of the 1%, the 99%, the 47% or whatever.  I was never good with percentages.

In the Studio
In the Studio

I’m back in the studio as often as I’m able.  I’ve got some gallery work in progress along with four commissioned pieces (and a 5th in the negotiation stage).  Getting the preliminary work done:  Drawing my subject repeatedly until I get the feel for it.  Doing a little photoshopping to get things the way I want them.  Doing the rest in my head or on the paper.  Spending time attempting to keep up with the day-to-day business of finding a way to get paid to make Art.  I’m really happy with my current projects and am excited about my personal work lately.  My only complaint right now is the sheer lack of time.  It seems to fly by these days and there’s never enough.  Not since I gave over to my body’s overwhelming desire to start sleeping more.  Damned aging process.  I’m told that will reverse as I get older and I’ll sleep less.  We’ll see.

I’ll post some fresh images soon.  But right now my studio mates and I are getting geared up for the annual Fitch Building Open Studio night coming up the 1st Friday in December.  We’ll be spending time cleaning up.  Clearing out the beer bottles.  AND getting as much work ready as we’re able so that when the night comes we can put on a good exhibit, eat, drink, and be merry… and all that good stuff.

Hope to see you there.








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