Fitch Studios Open House

Fitch Studios Open House - Des Moines
Fitch Studios Open House – Des Moines

Coming soon to downtown Des Moines… The annual Fitch Studios Open House!  We’re opening the doors Friday, December 7th from 5-9pm (although I’m sure some studios will be open later than others).  It usually shapes up to be a stellar evening of food, drink, and some of the finest Art our lovely city has to offer.  Buffalo, Jordan, and I will be there with lots of new work on display and cold drinks on hand.  It’s our first open studio night since moving in last July so we’re trying to do this right.

304 15th street.  Just south of the sculpture park and American Dream Machines.

I sincerely hope to see you all there.





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  1. Jonna LaToure Avatar
    Jonna LaToure

    Could not attend, but am still so impressed with your work!

    1. Robert L Reeves Avatar

      Wish you could have been there. It was a lot of fun. Thanks, Jonna! Good to hear from you.

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