Wanna Get Dirty?

Robert Reeves - Rain Slick, charcoal on paper, 18"x24, 2010
Robert Reeves – Rain Slick, charcoal on paper, 18″x24, 2010

If so I’ve got a proposal for you. I’ll have the distinct pleasure of teaching a class in charcoal drawing this Spring at the Des Moines Social Club and I’d like you to be there.  You’re gonna learn stuff. You’re gonna make a mess. You’re gonna surprise yourself by how well you can actually draw. True story… I swear.

Don’t know how to draw? No worries. “I can barely draw stick figures”, you say? A perfect place to start. We’ll spend time working on the basics every class. “But I’m just a kid”, you say… great! I love teaching kids

(quickly clamps hands over oldest son’s mouth in desperate attempt to staunch snarky commentary)

Truly tho, I enjoy working with anyone who’s there to learn and have a good time. My classes are energetic, positive, and fun. You’ll interact with your classmates. You’ll probably feel a little silly at times. You’ll come back for more… Well, I hope.

Ok, enough prevaricating about the bush… You can check the fine print AND sign up here: http://desmoinessocialclub.org/events/charcoal-drawing-2014-05-10/

You bring the paper… I’ll bring the rest.

See you there!









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