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Robert Reeves, Coffee on 5th Ave, oil on canvas, 48x48, 2007
Robert Reeves, Coffee on 5th Ave, oil on canvas, 60×48, 2007

I’m very proud to finally be able to offer this image as a print. Click here to check the sales page:

Shameless sales page this way…

It’s one of my personal favorites. The source image holds some very good memories for me of a very long walk around Manhattan several years back. It was cold. We did not, for some reason, actually get any coffee. Never set foot in the place. Just one of those memory tripwires.

A former coworker and current friend owns it and thanks to him I was able to borrow it long enough to get it scanned. If memory serves I couldn’t afford to do it before the piece sold a few years back and I put off asking until recently. Good thing too. He just moved to Tennessee.

Now that’s done I can bring them image to you.

Thanks to the fine folks at FineArtAmerica.com I can offer posters, cards, paper prints, canvas prints, metal prints (Check them out. They’re pretty cool), acrylic prints, phone cases, totes, and even duvet covers.

Yes… we went there.

That’s OK though. I’m OK with selling duvet covers of my images. If it makes someone happy to have it then that makes me happy. Annnnnd a little extra income never hurts.



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  1. Stuart Land Avatar
    Stuart Land

    Wonderful piece, Robert. As always, I love your style. Who would of thought of duvet covers, I ask you? 😛

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