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Being new to this whole blogging thing has made me a little apprehensive about getting started, but i’ve been thinking about doing this for a while so it would appear it’s time to … get off the pot. I currently don’t follow any blogs, but I have been doing a lot delving into the online, social networking thing. Being a techie by day I honestly don’t have much motivation to spend time on my computer while I’m at home. As a result I’m a little behind on what are now the more common tools of the day. Plus I’ve never been good at being consistent with journal-keeping. I’m going to try to make this something other than a journal in my mind. I’m using that as a catalyst to start this and keep it going.
So… let’s get to it starting with a little about me:
I’ve been drawing or painting as long as I can remember. I have fond memories of drawing in church while sitting next to my grandmother. She always encouraged my artistic development in her way and is my model for determination and strength of character. She rests well now. But I digress… often.
I remember drawing superheroes in school. A veritable menagerie of monsters and aliens too. As I grew older my interests turned more towards nature and industrial imagery. I liked the way the light and shadow played on things like trees and factories. Odd combination I know. Also my life began to center around the night. When I didn’t have other obligations I’d find myself staying up until the small hours of the morning lost in my own thoughts, a drawing, movies, books. Anything to stay awake. I started taking late-night walks around my quiet neighborhood taking in the lights and colors, and relishing in the night air and sounds. I liked the sound of my footsteps as I padded around our streets. It was the beginning of a love affair with the night.
So that was where my current body of work has come from. I do gladly paint other subjects, but I do always seem to come back to that.

I hope to turn this into a running (and open) discussion about painting or any other medium. I do love them all. I just lack skill with the others. I’ll try to post a couple of times per week and I sincerely hope that some of you will come along and take part if you like.

In the meantime check out my work here: .
I hope you enjoy it and I hope to hear from you.


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  1. Jerome Prieur Avatar

    Hello Rob,Well welcome to the blog world, i have started last month myself and i find it quite good actually, you can really let go here, post images, thoughts and shows etc. It’s a really quiet world in some ways, this blog thing. But great when i want to post something right away with lots of info and just one e-mail away i foward to the ones i know. I am sure you’ll like it! Anyways, great first blog and looking foward to read more Cheers!Jerome (from my art space)and now

  2. Celeste Avatar

    Ah, how many of us were kept amused and quiet during church service with a pen and paper from Grandma’s purse. It kept me busy until it was time to sing again….:)And do we ever really learn to know ourselves until we can shut off everything else and walk quietly in the dark with only our inner dialogue (and perhaps the crickets) in our ears?Great start on the blog!

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