The Morning After

Well it was a little quiet last night. I’m blaming it on the rain. Sounds good at least. It was nice to be able to see a few of my friends (very grateful to all of them for coming down). Met a few new people as well. Sold a print and painting (“In Blue”) in the last 15 minutes. Any sale is a success in my book. I will never complain about getting to do what I love and make some cash in the process. Even part-time, it’s a dream. One day it’ll be full-time. I’m plotting my way to getting out of the IT biz. Perhaps I’m getting a bit of a slow start, but it’s never too late. I’d like for my kids to see their parents fulfil their dreams. It’s a good example for them to follow once they find theirs.

Hoping to get up to Ames today to take some pics of the ISU campus and campus town. Should be interesting tho. The big college football state rivalry game is going on today in Iowa City and the town will be empty this afternoon, but full-to the brim later. They’ll either be celebrating or crying in their beer. Frankly I have zero interest in the outcome or attending although I’m sure it would be exciting to be there. Wet too. The weather is gloomy, rainy, and windy. Not cold tho.

Could be some good crowd shots. If, that is, the crowd is in a good mood.


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