Reparations and Preparations

Been spending far too much time in this chair this weekend. Thank God this thing loves my back. The armrests suck tho. Can’t have everything…

Up putting together pics for a commission I’ve been putting off far too long. Not a good business practice. Note to self: Knock it the f**k off. Thankfully the customers have been sympathetic and quite busy so it’s been ok, but learn a lesson from me, please.

It’s taken me quite a bit to dig out from a large commission earlier this year for a restaurant called, Bourbon Street. The owner, has been a good friend to me and is a long-time supporter of my work. A dream customer that gives me more or less full creative freedom. There’ll be more about him and all of my friends as time goes on. Rest assured names will be ommitted to protect the guilty.

Shortly after those pieces were completed and delivered I got on for the show at East Village Books. My customers were understanding. Treat your customers well, kids. Learn from my example. May I learn from yours.

At any rate many of the pics are beautiful and I’m going to start working on some commissioned or not. Probably tonight.

I also took the time to go through some pics I’d gotten of the Iowa State Fair midway one rainy night. An empty midway is an odd thing to see. Especially when it’s lit up. Some nice pics there too. Garish lighting, but that’s me.

My back’s all dorked up from carrying a mailbag while walking the ISU campus. Perhaps a backback next time. Too many hours carrying babies I suppose. There are times when I miss that. Then again there are times, like this, that I don’t. Go get the anti-inflamitories and icepacks. Time to pay the piper.



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