Progress and Where Does My Foot Go Now…

Good night last night in some respects. The boys and I shared a really good dinner. Even my little one at without any problems or push-back for once. Nice chat with my neighbors. No problems getting the little ones off to bed.
After they go to bed is when my time begins. I catch up on my web-work, social networking BS, email, and then usually make a few phonecalls.
Here’s where the Foot thing comes in. Have you ever made a mistake that was in no way your fault, was totally unavoidable, and yet you’ve caused someone so much trouble by way of your actions that you felt terrible and completely responsible? Me in a nutshell last night. I’m pretty sure I may never see my foot again unless I get hold of some ipecac. We’ll try to work that out today. Perhaps I can find another place to put it.
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it “The Present”
Thank you Master Oogway. The things you learn from animated, Kung Fu Master turtles…

After all of that I still managed to make good progress on my painting from the 80/35 Festival. I’ve laid out the major values and have moved into laying out the dominant colors. At this point I’ll start discarding elements from the source photo (ie: objects that don’t fit the composition, buildings, people, trees). Anything that doesn’t fit my vision goes away. That’s not to say that down the line a session or two they won’t return. Things change. From this point forward I’ll start refining shapes, making more decisions about color, and tweaking the composition.
I’m thinking I’ll have this finished by the beginning of next week. Possibly sooner at the rate I’m working.
Forward motion. Keep moving and moving.


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