Wednesday. What more can you say about it?

no catchy titles tonight. It’s late and I’m heading to bed as soon as I finish this post. Just wanted to get tonight’s work photographed, edited, and uploaded. Good sleeping weather tonight and I want to take advantage of that. Was kindof a tough day in general anyway. Time to put today down.
Here are tonight’s pics. I’ve started to add some more specific color areas. I’ve painted over the pavement portion in a very light yellow/gray. Once that dries I’ll go over that with the final colors. The light underneath will give it a good glow. I’ve started also to make some decisions about what to do with the area surrounding the group of figures in the background. Nothing’s final at this point.
So… more good progress. It’s been a busy day punctuated by some stress, disappointments, and bad news. On the other hand a couple of very good things have happened as well. You take what comes along. Things happen for a reason. Blah blah effing blah. But, as always I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this night after night.

~ by Robert L Reeves on September 18, 2008.

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