So it begins…

Another Monday has arrived. Another work week has begun and I’m already starting to shirk sleep. Some nights I catch that second wind. 1am rolls around to find me wide awake and working. I’m either painting, editing pics, or updating websites. Last night/this morning I was cleaning up a progress pic when it dawned on me that it was closing in on 1:30 and my alarm was wired to pop at 5:45.
All of that aside I did get some good work in last night and am looking forward to starting up a new, small (9″x12″) piece. I’d put up the initial sketch on canvas in an earlier posting. Last night’s work consisted primarily of re-defining my forms and spacial relationships. I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on it this week. I figure at least 2 more sessions.
Looking forward to the weekend. I’ll be taking my boys up to visit their grandparents while I make a run to Galena, IL to visit an old friend and take some photos. There are a number of galleries in that area and some have expressed interest in my work. Mostly they’re interested in images of Galena. There is, to a lesser extent, some interest in Chicago imagery of which I have plenty. I’m also going to try to touch base with a couple of galleries in Dubuque. I’ve had some decent sales in that town and am interested in getting back in there. It’ll be a nice opportunity to get out, spend some time with my boys, visit with family, and catch up with a good friend.
If anyone is reading this I’m also looking to get some representation in KC. If you have any helpful info I’d love to hear from you.
Until then, Cheers.


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