Sunday: Trying to get Back to It

As it turns out I was wrong about my Saturday night. I did wind up with some social obligations taht kept me out well into the AM. So, again no progress to report. I did realize, however that I although I’d shared some of my work in other genres I neglected to specify why it is that I don’t make it readily available via my personal site, The reason for this is that although I love the work it doesn’t fit in with my idea of presenting a solid, consistent portfolio. I use that site to present artwork to potential customers and galleries. What I want them to see is a cohesive body of work. Not just random pieces slapped up on a website. I want them to understand what it is that I’m doing and why. Posting links to the other work, to me, detracted from that ideal. I can thank my former painting teacher and friend, Deborah Zlotsky for the advice that led to me removing those links. She pointed out the potential issues and I tended to agree with her. Thanks, Deb.
So, when you’re designing your website (or having someone else do it for you) keep in mind what it is that you’re trying to say with it. Don’t just slap up any old pics of your work. Keep in mind that you may be using this as a marketing tool. Think about the tone you’re setting. Think about how the navigation should direct the visitor.
And don’t skimp! Get good images of your work. Have either a professional photographer do it or get lessons. OR you can do what I do: get full-sized hi-rez scans. Some better print shops can do this for you. The cost can be a little prohibitive but they’re great when you don’t have the setup/good camera and/or can’t get all of your work together at one time for a pro photographer to handle. They (scans) serve equally well for web images and as a basis for prints.

I really am going to paint tonight. HOPEfully I won’t have any more interruptions and I’ll be able to show you some real progress.



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