The Monday

More good work done last night. Had a very nice night in the studio. It was good to get back to work after a couple of very decidedly non-productive days away. Sometimes you just need to decompress. It doesn’t always last, but at least the pressure was off for a little while.
I’m feeling like the only things left to do are paint the sides of the canvas and do a little detail cleaning. Once that’s done (hopefully tonight) I’ll put this one up on my Etsy account for sale at a fraction of the gallery cost. If there are no lookers by Friday night the piece will be taken in to be scanned and then delivered to one of the galleries where my work is currently on display.
Now that this piece is nearly done and I’m started on the next one I really need to nail down these two commissions that have been sortof waiting in the wings. I needed the break to produce some studio work, but it’s time to get these other projects going. Word from a friend and regular purchaser of my work is that there may be more, large commissioned pieces on the way and I’m sure that when he decides to move forward with that he’ll want them post haste. A good problem to have so I’m not complaining…

Until next time.



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