Catching up After a Long Weekend

Regardless of what happens we all seem irresistably drawn towards our weekends. As it often turns out sometimes we just try to do too much with them. I’m starting to thinkg that this may be the case with mine. Didn’t get much painting done, but I think I more than made up for it in other ways: lots of website updates, lots of time with my two boys, seeing giant dinosaurs up close and personal, visiting with family. The woiks.

So I didn’t wind up getting a lot of painting done last night or tonight, but I did get quite a bit done Friday. In this pic i’ve start defining areas of color and tweaking the perspective a bit. I hopefully will have it finished by early next week. It’s only 9″x12″ so it’ll be extremely affordable. Plus, due to its size I’m shooting for some more spontenaity. We’ll see if I can let go of the reigns a bit.

Ok… very very sleepy… time to go now.



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