Updates and Progress

So there’re updates and there’s progress. Which is which? Is it I’ve updated my website and I’ve made progress on my new painting? Or have I made progress on my website overhaul and I’ve got new painting updates for you?

Cyclical banter… the product of a tiche too much caffeine, too much time in the singular company of a four year old, and just plain too much on my mind. I won’t go into it here, but I’m convinced that this year is just getting stranger and … well “strange” doesn’t even begin to cover it.
So (there’s that “So” again) I HAVE made some progress on my painting. Here’s last night’s update. I’m going over the perspective again and I’m starting to push and pull the lighting and figurative elements. I’m using the light to define the dark areas and visa versa. They go through this tug of war until the right balance is acheived. Sometime later this week I hope.
Also I’ve been going over the purchasing page on my personal website. For some reason I had two. I’ve condensed them into one and am trying to get the last of the updates applied and proofed. Check it here: http://www.robreevesstudio.com/Content_pricing%20and%20availability.htm. Not a pretty link, but it’ll serve for now.

Did some tweaking of my Etsy site. Gave me a chance to play around with Photoshop and make this banner:

It needs a little more tweaking compositionally and otherwise, but I’m liking the overall canvas effect. I’ve done a little graphic design here and there and would like the opportunity to pick up some more. That’s the kind of work you have to go looking for in my experience and it seems that these days all of my time is pre-consumed for me.
Ok… off for a run on the hamster wheel then to the studio (with stops at the shower, and fridge in between).

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