Finally Back to It

I’ve really been taking a long break from painting… For me, at least. I’ve been going at it pretty consistently for months now taking only a day or two off per week to get other stuff done. Lately, as I’ve mentioned before, I just haven’t had the heart, energy, or time. I’ve had a lot of other stuff that I’ve been putting off that I had to knuckle down and deal with. While speaking to an old and dear friend last night it was pointed out that perhaps I’m not taking enough real down-time. I took a break from painting, but didn’t really take a break. Just filled up that time with other things like working on a budget, updating the website, blogging, etc. He surmised that could be the source of some the other issues in my life. I don’t know… I always feel driven to be productive. Life’s too short and there’s always this feeling that I’ve got to fill up the time with something. That’s part of the reason I only sleep 4 or 5 hours per night. So much to do and see. Plus painting helps me go to a different place apart from everyday life. Throwing myself into my work keeps my mind off of things that are troubling me.
Ok… that’s enough about that for now.
I did get a start on a new piece last night. I’ve got a show coming up in December (details to are coming). I’ve been asked to do some large paintings for it and I have to say that I’m excited to be working big again. Last night I really went after it and worked up a sweat. Painting large is so physical. I can get my whole body involved. It’s almost like dancing in some ways which I LOVE to do. I didn’t cover a lot of territory, but it’s a good start. I’m laying out the values and larger areas of color again. Beginning to put the elements and characters into place. I’ll keep posting updates to show you the progress.

Enough for now…



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  1. ching Avatar

    hi Rob, I got to know you from Twitter. Thanks for your comment there 🙂 I love your large painting.. please keep posting here. And,you know what I was in IT too .. but had been ‘moved out’ from it about 4 years ago. 🙂 talk to u again! love your paintings! ching

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