Some New Images

I was out and about Monday night trying to get some time away from the house and catch up with some friends. Ultimately that didn’t work out so I blogged and surfed from my office. Sad, maybe. Peaceful, definitely.
After taking a little stroll around downtown I headed home to do some painting. On the way it occurred to me that I had my camera in my satchel. I’ve been wanting to get some shots of this railyard I pass on the way to work every day. I’d just never actually set out to get the shots. The opportunity presented itself so I parked and took a walk across the bridge to get to the spot I had in mind. It was cold and windy, but the lighting was pretty cool. I have to admit my little Kodak 12mp camera did a pretty fair job. I don’t know when I’ll use these shots and I’ll probably do some zooming and cropping, but at least now I’ve got the option for when the mood and timing are right. Could be years in coming. I’ve got a library of photos going back several years just waiting to be paintings. There are at least 400 shots of Chicago alone.

Guess I’d better get to work.



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