Calling it Good

One of my good profs back at UNI, Deb Zlotsky used a saying once or twice, “A painting is done when the telephone rings”. I know she borrowed that from a famous artist, but I can’t remember who. Basically what that’s saying is that for a painter you can’t just say, “I’ve worked on this X hours and now I’m done”. What happens more often than not, in my experience is that you work on it until it hits you. Something happens (like a telephone ringing) and you just get this epiphany. Something in you says, “that’s enough”.
I feel like I’ve finally put this little painting of the ISU campus town to bed. Stayed up a little extra late last night nitpicking until it finally hit me… I’m done. I’ve done enough. The picture posted here isn’t the actual final image. There were some adjustments to the green sign over the building window near the foreground. So I’m going to post this one on my Etsy store for a week or so until it either sells or I take it down to ArtDive for display. It’s only 9″x12″ so I’ll price it reasonably for the amount of work I’ve put into it. I always say I’d rather sell art than sit around looking at my own stuff. This one needs to go to a good home.
Getting geared up for what could be an entertaining Halloween weekend. I wish you all the best. Have fun and be well.



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