Tuesday Image Updates

*does not blog about politics if at all possible. will not be blogging about the election today. go and vote your conscience*
One thing I’m learning as I go along is consistency. Not just in my work, but in my work habits and life. I try to get to the studio about the same time each night. I try to do things on a schedule. I’m not a list maker or a calendar freak or anything like that. But especially when you have kids you have to keep things on track when it comes to day-to-day stuff. One should also be consistent when it comes to friends as well as clients. Point being if you’re going to do something do it when you say you’re going to do it. If you say you’re going to make a phonecall… make it. Try your best not to leave people hanging wondering what’s going on. Sooner or later they’ll take it personally or will simply stop dealing with you out of frustration or whatever. I’ve been guilty of inconsistency and it’s cost me from time to time in many different currencies (monetary, emotional, etc.) So take a lesson from me and work on being consistent in your work and life. It’s hard work, but being a disciplined artist/person does have its rewards.

So.. there’s my little soapbox bit for the day.

Now, on to the work. The new Chicago piece is looking great. I’ve spent some time last night and over the weekend reworking the shapes of the cards and the background buildings. I’ve also started to give the big, red Chicago sign some more contrast and depth. The big building up front is start to take shape as well. If you look back through the progressive pics you’ll see the windows are starting to form as areas of light and dark are worked back and forth with and against each other(remember: push and pull). I’m still debating on the color of the blue car in the middle ground. In the source pic all of the cars are more or less that cadmium yellow because of the streetlights and storefront lights. So here’s where you have to ask yourself some questions: do you change the color for the sake of some variety or does it detract from the overall composition and color-balance of the piece? Still undecided.
On a side-note I put in for a show at the Polk County Heritage Gallery that will be going up this month. I’m hoping to get at least one piece in. Wish me luck!



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