Friday Updates. Sweet Peace and A Reminder

This week’s been a tough one to be sure. Lots going on at the house. Lots going on at work. Not all of it good. In fact, a lot of it’s been pretty bad. All of that just got tossed out the window tho and I’ve been reminded how precious life is. I just saw a message stating that a woman was run over by a garbage truck behind of the my employer’s buildings here in DesMoines. She was killed. It may be someone I’ve worked with. At this point no one’s saying anything. That slapped me in the face and reminded me that all of the petty crap we do to each other and ourselves from day to day isn’t worth it. Love those your have with all of your heart and don’t sweat the petty stuff. You never know when your (or their) number is up and you’ll never get the chance to say all of those things you meant to say. Say them NOW.
In other news I just may have a completely empty house this weekend. That would be the first time in over a decade that this has happened. I’m not sure what to do with myself. Maybe something… Maaaaybe nothing. Either way, what bliss. Honestly, I will miss my children quite a lot.
I’ve made some great progress on the new Chicago piece. I’ve made some adjustments to the skyline. It needed more variety. The color I used to make the change was a little off, but once it’s dried a bit I’ll be able to work it to where it needs to be. I’ve also lightened up the far horizon element a bit. Not satisfied with the color tho. As for the rest I’m picking at the smaller elements making them work together so the final piece doesn’t look choppy or too busy. The individual bits need to work together smoothly to create a coherent piece. I’m sure I’ll use lots of my spare time to create this weekend. I’m looking forward to getting some good work done.



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  1. sarahelizabeth Avatar

    a man in my area went across the road to get his mail (he lives on a busy country road) and when he turned around he failed to look both ways and stepped right out in front of a truck and died. last summer a three year old girl from our town ran out in front of a car and died. you never think that will happen–but it does. it is definitely a good reminder to live life to the fullest and appreciate what you have!

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