And So It Is…

Funny how some chaos can throw you into a working frenzy. There’s been a lot of bad craziness going around these days. Bad craziness in the world. Bad craziness at home. Sometimes you’ve got to take that negative energy and re-channel it into something positive or at least constructive. That’s what I’ve been trying to do over the last week and it’s really come through in this piece. I’ve made more progress in a shorter time frame on this big guy than I did on a painting one quarter its size. Size is relative I guess.
And so it is… I’ve finally finished this Chicago piece. I’ve decided to name it after the character standing in the bottom, left corner. I’ve been calling him The Watcher. So this painting is titled “Twilight in Chicago – The Watcher”. He’s a little creepy if you ask me.
I spent a lot of time last night trying to work out a good solution to a nasty curve I’d painted into the prominent building in the right foreground and for hiding the remnants of that taxi cab I’d decided had to go. I blew through a lot of paint attempting to get it right without it looking like i was trying to cover something up. That’s the beauty of a medium like this. Oil paints are very forgiving which is part of the reason I love them so much. Not to mention they just smell fantastic.
I have nothing waiting on the easel which means I’ve got work ahead. Seems I’ve got a favor to repay to some very cool people. All they wanted in return was a painting from my photo safari to Galena, IL. I guess I know what I’m doing tonight.

Until next time



~ by Robert L Reeves on November 12, 2008.

One Response to “And So It Is…”

  1. Hi R, I love the title of this painting. “The Watcher”. Thanks for sharing. ching


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