First and foremost I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to my little one, Zane. He turns five today. He’s growing up so quickly. He’s a great little guy and I’m very proud of him for a great many things. One of those things is that he’s starting to take after his Daddy. He will spend hours per day sitting at the table drawing and coloring. I’d say he’s already starting to interpret things like figures in a way that greatly exceeds his age. Both of my boys have exhibited artistic inclinations and I couldn’t be more excited about it. That being said I will be equally proud of them no matter what path they take in life so long as it’s a positive one.

After taking a few days off for some R and R and R (Rest, Relaxation, Regrouping) I started in on a new canvas. I’m revisiting an image that I’ve rendered a couple of times in the past. I really love this image. It’s based on a shot that I took about 10yrs ago when I lived in Iowa City. Personally I think it’s OK to revisit things like this. I don’t look at it as looking backward. I see it more as a deeper exploration of a familiar thing. Sometimes you don’t really see a thing until you delve into it many, many times. The composition is simple, strong, and striking. A single figure walking in the crimson glow of a storefront. I hit the canvas with real enthusiasm at about 11:00pm and didn’t look up until nearly 1:30am. I love it when that happens. It’s like I’m in another world. Sometimes I even feel like it’s not really me doing it. By the time i called it a night I was covered in Winsor Red and ecstatic. The pics here are from last night’s progress. I didn’t include shots of the preliminary pencil drawing on canvas althought I may post pics of the pen sketch I did in preparation last week. Now imagine this is 36″x60″!
I’m hoping to put this up in the CrossRoads Conference for the Arts in December so I’m going to really hit this hard and do my best to get it ready.
Aiming for good things this week.

All the best,


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