Amost Forgot…

I did forget to mention something last night as I was rambling on. I’d recently gotten a painting accepted into a juried showing at a local gallery. The reception yesterday was great. Great turnout, great art, and some great conversation. All of this made better by the presence of a very good friend turning out for moral support (Thank You!!).
As it turns out I didn’t rate so much as an honorable mention. But judging art is very subjective. It’s all based on the tastes and moods of the judge or jury at the time. A different judge might have different tastes in art and the decisions can just as easily go the other way. Not to mention the artists were all top notch. I thought all of the pieces had great merit and was happy to be in such good company.
I did get a lot of inquiries about the piece, NYC Coffee and my art in general. More names for the mailing list… It all leads to something.
The point is that you can’t take things like that personally. You keep moving forward. Keep trying. Keep getting up. Keep striving. You never give up once you’ve found your calling.
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  1. carmackart Avatar

    Hey Rob,I entered a flurry of juried exhibitions in ’07 and ’08. got into quite a few but never got a mention in any. You’re absolutely right that it really doesn’t mean much. Still, it would be nice, huh.D

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