The First Real Snow!

Typically Sunday mornings are a big deal around my house. The kids drag me out of bed (read as “off the couch”) and I get up and make a huge breakfast: bacon, eggs, sausages, pancakes or waffles, fruits… the woiks. This Sunday morning however they’re off and running. No sooner had we all gotten up and moving then the neighbor kids started arriving in their snowpants and heavy coats asking if the boys could come out and play. Naturally I couldn’t deny them. First snows are always good childhood memories. Good adult ones too. Thinking about taking a walk in it while it’s still coming down.
So they’re out playing and I’m having a cup of good, hot tea for my sore throat and my aching head. Had a few too many pints at The Vaudeville Mews last night. My reason for not having any updates this morning. In truth I still managed to fit some drawing in at a place called The Lift before my friends turned up. I may post that later, but I’ll need to scan it first.
So cheers to you this fine, snowy morning. Let your kids get out and play in it. Let yourself get out and do a little of the same.


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