Before I Go

So I’ve been thinking a lot about things lately. I haven’t been painting much. I haven’t been exercising much either. Seems like there are a number of things that are falling into that category. I’ve had a few shows recently and there is talk of more. Lately tho I’ve been settling into a different mindset.

Seems to me that Winter is a time for thought. It’s too cold here to want to spend days on end enjoying the out-of-doors so your options become limited. We read, watch TV, talk, or if you live where it’s cold you probably drink and/or have sex. All perfectly good ways to take the edge off of cold Winter months. Not only that tho I think it’s necessary in a way. To be sheltered away for a while either on your own or with those you love. For some people it’s both. Any way you slice it… it can be time well spent, but you’d be wise to build up your reserves.

I will settle back into my routine of nightly painting very soon, but just like the colder temperatures this season’s frame of mind can take a while to get acclimated to.

Here is an update to my current piece. The original photo was taken in October. A time when everything alive is storing up for the Winter.

On the road to New York tomorrow. Better get some sleep.



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