The Dancer Begins

I mentioned in my last post that I’d done multi-armed female figures before. Here’s my first. The piece is entitled, “The Dancer Begins”. She was the product of another burst of quick inspiration one late night. I used to do tons of figurative work in graphite and charcoal. I really enjoy it, but in recent years I’ve let it slide in favor of my cityscapes and nocturnes. This work doesn’t fit with my regular stuff so I’ve kindof put it off to the side. I’ve had shows and commissions and too many other things to think about I suppose. Maybe it’s time to let these characters back out. I’ve often considered posting this stuff under a pseudonym just because it IS so different. Maybe that sounds pretentious, but I like the idea of this work being the property of an alter-ego even if that alter-ego is maybe more me than the other guy or at least a part of me that I file away for personal use only.



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