Dancer Update

I did what I said I was going to. I stepped up to the canvas w/ the bare vestiges of a gameplan. I usually have a fair idea of how I’m going to get started on a night’s work, but last night I spent a little time deliberating about which brush to start with and that was about it. It just started coming out. I did spend some time testing out the pose… the position of the arms. I probably looked pretty ridiculous, but that’s what curtains are for. I found myself adding and subtracting limbs, adjusting the tilt of an arm, the position of a breast. I’m not going for accuracy here, but I do want the pose to make some sort of anitomical sense. If, that is, you can make sense of a woman with an undefined number of arms.
Around 1am I stepped back and realized she’d taken on a Lovecraftian look. She’d become beautiful and horrible. Graceful and unsettling. I want her to be exhuberant, triumphant, and a little disturbing. She’s definitley getting that. I didn’t realize it until I stepped out of the room and came back. Guess I needed to reset my perspective. I’m not sure where she’s going to go from here. Who knows what we’ll wind up with at the end. I’m kindof along for the ride here so it’s anyone’s guess.
Stay tuned for more.



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