A Flurry of Activity or Our Lady of the Many Arms

So much to do. So much that’s been done. So much that gets left on the wayside.
It’s been an all-around busy week. Seems like everything happens at once. I’m sure there’s a law of causality that governs it or at least makes a flail attempt to explain it. I’ve been happy to be busy. It keeps you from dwelling on any one thing excessively. That works for me. I’m kinda all over the place anyway.
Got great news this week. I’m keeping it largely under my hat, but there are those that know. Just want to get going on it a bit before I talk to much more about it. Suffice it to say that it’s a great opportunity and I have some serious Thank You’s to dole out.
Had a great weekend. Got to visit some friends and had a great night out at some very cool places. More Thank You’s.
My social life has taken a bit of a front seat lately. Perhaps it’s time to ease up on that a bit. It can be a bit addictive and can hinder one’s productivity, but it can be good too. You can’t hole up in your studio and expect anything to happen to you.
As a result of all of this Our Lady of the Many Arms has taken a bit of a break. I have some pics from my last session with her. I’m thinking her arms are a pretty good metaphor for things as they are right now. I’m reaching in may directions at once, but doing it gracefully. Or at least making an attempt.
Does this mean my feminine side is a six-armed woman?
She’s lost some arms and the ones that are left are feeling more or less right to me. I just need to spend some time on their shape and pose. Then we’ll refine form. I think she’ll be done soon. I’ve got other projects that need tending to though so she may take longer than I think. The paying projects take precedent right now.

Gonna be a good week.



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