The Last Dance

I’d have to say it was an all-around good day. I spent most of the day with my boys. I was able to blog twice. I finished a painting. I visited the new collaborative workspace, the Market Street Foundry (very cool!). My oldest got to spend the night with his bestest buddies. I got to spend the evening with my little one. I even managed to slide in a run to the grocery store without the kids. Yep. Good times.
Tonight I feel like I’ve finally finished Spiral. Here’s the final pic. I’ve made the changes I set out to make. I feel like I can put this one down. I’ve got another canvas on deck and a couple of those NYC pics to choose from. I’m hoping to work a large cityscape in. I’ve gotten to a point where I need to redirect.

I’ll say no more tonight tho. It’s late. Jackie Chan’s on the TV and it’s time to relax.



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