I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last wrote. If there’s anyone out there actually reading this… Sorry for the delay.

I’ve put in some more time on the NYC piece. Nearly done and I’m having to make a conscious effort to avoid overworking it. Sometimes I’ll go back and simplify areas as a piece progresses. Just a bit more on the overhanging sign and the background.

Been spending a lot of time shoring up some details for a design project I’ve been working on. I feel like I’ve finally made the logo do what I wanted it to do. My prior designs had the necessary elements and austerity, but lacked visual punch. It can take some time to get a real feel for an image or subject matter. You’ve gotta play around with it. Experiment. Don’t be afraid to do a complete rework (or several). It’s all part of the process and in the end you’ll have a better finished product if you take the time to get familiar with your subject. Once the client approves the image I’ll post it.

To this end I like to play around in Photoshop. I’ve found that it can be a quick way to explore an image. To experiement with color and composition. Sometimes I use it to put together presentations for clients who like to have a better picture of what the project will eventually look like. It can help us to collaborate and make decisions in a more interactive way. Mind you, I don’t use it exclusively. I mix my PS work with sketches, and in some cases even mockup paintings. A lot of it depends upon the client and how much they want to see up front. Some people just want you to produce a piece because they enjoy your style.

Right now I’m using it for some of my prep work for the DSM Art Festival Project.

Ok… The day job calls. Gotta go be productive for someone else.



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