Doin’ the Webby Work

Took the night off from painting last night to take care of the web stuff. The web site needed to be updated with the latest painting. No good having painting inventory if you don’t bother promoting it . I also spent some time trying to suss out some meta-tagging issues on the site. It’s not showing up in search engines the way I want it to. It’s getting good placement for the most part. Just not displaying a good site description in the Google’s blurb section under the found link. Even though I put my own pages together (with some help) I’m no web designer. Research research research…
I also managed to get a stack of giclee prints posted for sale on my Etsy Store. I’m hoping that people will be more interested in picking up prints than they have been in buying the original paintings lately. When you can get a high-quality image for one tenth (or less) the price of the original why not? From an Artist’s perspective it’s a great deal so long as you have a reliable source for the prints themselves… which I do AND the cost to produce them isn’t exhorbitant… which it isn’t. You can continue to generate some revenue from paintings no longer in your inventory. In my case I can also have them produced one-off and on the fly. Custom sizes or rush jobs aren’t typically a problem. I got lucky.
I can’t say you’ll get rich off of print sales, but I will say this: I’ve sold more prints this year than originals.
Something to think about.



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