Welcome Visitors in the Studio

For the last 4 and a 1/2 days I’ve been in the splendid company of two of my best friends, Joshi and Michael. During that time I got the extreme pleasure of having them spend some time with me in the studio. I don’t normally have a lot of visitors, but this kindof hearkened back to a time (before small children) when I painted in my living room. I was used to having a lot of company while I painted back then. It was nice doing that again.

The whole scene gave me a much-needed dose of inspiration. I started a piece late last week out of an overpowering desire to paint. I wanted to do something relatively quickly. Keep it loose. Keep it energetic. I started playing with some deep red underpainting and was able to start working over the top of it. Having them for company kept things very lively. A definite energy carry-over into my painting. I was bolder with the brushes and actively avoided impulses to “clean” things up. Actually I’m going back over a bit of the street where the colors started to muddy. They’ve lost their energy and that’s no good.

We also took some time last night to gather some more pics for the DSM Art Festival project. I’d never played with the panoramic settings before, but it fits the required ratio for the painting so well… I don’t know why I didn’t do it before. I got some shots I really enjoy. I’ll put them up in another post. They need editing and I don’t have the time or energy. I sincerely hope they go over well.

Time for horizontality. Even insomniacs need their rest.



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