Gotham Blitz

I’ll start by saying, “worst day for an open house ever”.
There. Done.

In other news my most recent painting is coming along very quickly. I got the areas of light and dark mapped out Thursday night. Last night I laid into the canvas like it owed me money. Some nights are like that. Painting is wonderfully cathartic for me. I was having a very good time playing around with the brushwork. I’m calling this angsty little guy “Gotham Blitz”. It’s moody and almost looks like a warzone. If last nights painting session says anything I’m thinking I’ll be done with this one soon. Probably not more than one more session. I’m liking the textures and colors already and don’t want to mess with it much more. We’re trying to avoid over-working this stuff.

Speaking of which I’ll leave you with these pics. I’ll post the final images soon.



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  1. Michael Avatar

    awesome! This is the kind of explosive energy which will work well for the mural project.

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